Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance

Regular scheduled visual and infrared roof inspections, roofing maintenance work and minor Houston flat roof repairs can prolong the life of a sound roofing system. This will also result in major savings associated with repairs to damaged interiors, production equipment, costs associated with paying for emergency repairs and prematurely replacing your flat roof. It’s important to remember that over 90% of roof leaks and premature system failures occur at the roof details: walls, metal edges, flashings, protrusions, sheet laps, drains, etc… Proper identification and elimination of problems on a timely basis can circumvent a roof replacement and significantly extend the life expectancy of your flat roof. As most leaks are a result of small-scale failures this approach allows us to spot the problem before it has a chance to rain on your parade.

How a Free Annual Roof Inspection Program can work for you!

  • A thorough 21-point Visual Roof Inspection
  • An Assessment of the Condition of Roofing Membrane; Flashing; Caulking; Insulation; Sealants; Expansion Joints; Skylights; Ventilation; Drainage Conditions; Previous Problem Areas;
  • Written Report identifying any and all deficiencies and recommendations
  • Marking of Any Damaged Areas Directly on the Roof in a way as to be clear to roofing professionals of your choice.
  • You are provided a scope of work, a written estimate which will allow for proper budgeting for implementation of all necessary repairs or entire flat roof replacement
  • Warrantied Services

How To Get The Full Value Of Your Roof

Too many owners and managers have been burned by premature roof failure. When water starts entering the building, hard assets, corporate profits, and maintenance personnel start taking a beating.

  • Use life-cycle costing to assure maximum roof life.
  • Adopt a proactive roof maintenance protocol.
  • Perform semi-annual roof inspections and repairs.
  • Budget a minimum amount, per year for preventative maintenance (beginning in the first year).
  • Budget a minimum amount, per year for more extensive remedial restoration
  • Track all collateral building damage and incidental costs associated with leaking roofs.
  • Show management how past collateral damage costs exceed the cost of implementing a roof maintenance and management program.

Property Managers and their Roof

Once an investment is made in a roof system the roof is often out of sight and does not get much attention until there is a problem. It requires good financial control and commitment from the building’s company to ensure that the roof is properly maintained to avoid such emergencies. The payback of a strategy like this can be significant. Budgeting for roof maintenance on a yearly schedule, as well as setting aside funds yearly for the inevitable re-roof is a good decision to make. With a proper roof maintenance plan in place, the amount you must save every year for a new roof down the road will be greatly reduced as yearly roof maintenance increases a roofing system’s life expectancy. If you are new to our roof maintenance program you’ll need to have a free roof inspection performed so that your maintenance plan starts off on track. Depending on the type of inspection, it will come with a detailed report containing images, thermal images, recommendations on methods and ongoing maintenance.